Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

We support you with our expertise, experience, facilities, qualified staff and innovative technological solutions for 3PL (third-party logistics) so that you can confidently develop your business.

We help you to create and maintain effective warehouse and goods management, fully conformed to the individual characteristics of your activities.

We increase the number of your satisfied customers and employees, and we reduce your costs and the risk of mistakes or unforeseen events. Trust and responsibility – this is the principle that sets the basis for our work.

What do our 3PL services include?

Before we start performing the specific services, our ORBIT team works on site, together with your staff. We begin with monitoring and analyzing the process to determine what you need and to offer you an effective solution.

Warehouse receiving

  • Unloading, quantitative and qualitative inspection of the goods as compared to the accompanying documents.
  • Scanning (at the customer’s request) and serial number tracking.
  • Creating a database of the incoming goods (batch number, order number, FIFO, FEFO).
  • Attachment of labels (at the customer’s request).
  • Sorting, arranging and loading goods.
  • Recording incoming goods in WMS (Navision).
  • Issuance of a document for each incoming shipment.

Execution of orders

  • Reception of orders/requests.
  • Automated stock control as regards the quantities requested in the order.
  • Order collection and packing operations.
  • Issuance of a document for the outgoing goods and a packing list.

Reverse logistics

  • Transportation, organization and storage of shipments returned by customers.


  • Daily reporting of incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Goods availability.

Entrust the logistic tasks to us, the ORBIT professionals, and you can work at full speed, saving costs and time and minimizing the risk of errors.

Contact our ‘3PL Services’ Department!

e-mail: 3pl@orbit.bg, obbg@orbit.bg

Why should you entrust us with your goods?

We know how to create an efficient working system for warehousing and inventory management of your business. We rely on a well-trained team, the most modern technological solutions, analysis and experience to increase the number of your satisfied customers and to reduce your costs.

Exceptional quality
Exceptional quality

You are served by staff whose qualifications are affirmed and developed every year. Our professionalism and competence are warranted by international certificates.

High level of security
High level of security

ORBIT is the first forwarding and logistics company in Eastern Europe with a TAPA FSR safety and security certificate.

Personal approach
Personal approach

We are fully equipped to meet your requirements with our ability to understand what you need, our network of partners all over the world, and our tracking of every organization and transportation stage.