Environmental protection

Environmental protection

We believe that environmental protection is the responsibility of every person and every business, regardless of their field of activity. That is why we are active in three areas:

  1. We try to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

We invest money, skills and time in the thorough maintenance of ORBIT’s motor vehicle fleet with authorized workshops and we use vehicles fitted with catalysts and/or ‘clean fuel’.

We apply specially defined procedures for managing energy, water and fuel consumption on the territory of the company.

  1. We use a sorting and recycling system.

We have developed a procedure for sorting waste packing materials and waste materials from our offices. We give them over to a company with which we have a contract for recycling. We buy new packing materials using 100% recycled paper.

  1. We encourage our employees’ commitment to environmental causes and we work with partners who comply with the environmental standards.

Get acquainted with our company policy regarding the environment. (Open as a PDF file.)

Nature belongs to everyone! Let’s help each other in its preservation!

Insurance, freight tracking, TAPA FSR security and safety certification, annual training for all our employees – we do the impossible to preserve your peace of mind for your freights whenever you use our services.