Company policies

Reliable and timely transportation and forwarding solutions, tailored to all your demands

Customers who have strictly specific requirements for their goods organization, storage and transportation usually contact us. They know that our basic principle is ‘customer-oriented business’. We follow it and keep it.

In order for you to use our services confidently and for us to be certain that we will always offer you the best solution, tailored specifically to your case, we follow the strictly established company policies and meet the quality, control and qualification requirements of the major international organizations in the area of forwarding and logistics.

Get acquainted with our company policies!

We periodically review all the health and safety requirements of institutions, organizations and customers. We do risk assessment and adapt all work processes and working conditions so as to provide employees, partners and customers with a safe and healthy environment for work and cooperation.

Respect, understanding, compliance with the law, caring for the others – we believe that this is the solid basis which we need to use to communicate with our employees, customers and partners. ORBIT is a company with a well-established authority, gained by people who represent it with their faces, names, professional and personal behavior.

We help to protect the environment by following these simple principles – recycling, technical maintenance, using vehicles fitted with catalysts and/or ‘clean fuel’. We comply with all the legal provisions related to the environment and we participate in a variety of initiatives for its cleaning and preservation.

For our visitors and employees’ greater convenience and for all our customers’ peace and safety, we have developed a procedure which has to be followed during any of their visits to an ORBIT building. We are asking you to read it before you visit us and we thank you for doing that.

The safety and security of goods, freights and all other assets of our customers and partners are of paramount importance to us. We follow excellently developed procedures for ensuring security, we implement modern monitoring and tracking technologies and we offer you very good insurance conditions.

It is extremely important for us, the ORBIT team, to be upright towards the law, our customers and partners, and also ourselves. Our actions are based on strict principles against corruption and conflicts of interest.

The FIDI anti-bribery and anti-corruption charter

The FIDI anti-trust charter

We follow all prescriptions and statutory requirements for personal data protection. We collect from our customers and partners only the information necessary for freight forwarding and transportation and we store the data within the statutory period. Then we destroy it.

Our approach is customer-oriented. Your requirements and needs come first for us. In order to offer you a still higher level of service, we  have created procedures that are followed by each of our employees and which we revise and alter periodically. Familiarize yourself with them.

Get acquainted with the general principles followed by all the company’s employees – from the senior management to the person who welcomes you at the entrance. We believe it is only when we have sensible rules applying to everyone that security, confidence, growth and high customer satisfaction can be achieved.

ORBIT Ltd. organization chart

In case you do not know who to refer your inquiry to or if you want to familiarize yourself with the allocation of responsibilities and the hierarchy within ORBIT Ltd., consult the chart.

The better we are prepared, the lower the risk of accidents and long-standing health problems. That is why, along with our healthcare and occupational safety policy, we have developed a first aid procedure, which all our employees are familiarized with.

  • IMS Process Scheme

Get acquainted with the integrated management scheme which we follow in “ORBIT” Ltd. to ensure quality.