Social policy

Social policy

Responsibility is part of success!

‘Care and responsibility’ is our principle not only at work, but also in our attitude to the surrounding world. We know that if we want to have a thriving business, we must ensure that our customers and partners maintain and develop their own one and we must provide confidence and security to our employees. If we want a fair and decent life, we must help to make it such for everyone as best as we can.

At ORBIT we develop an active and socially responsible policy in the areas of:

  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Combatting child labour
  • Decent working conditions and equality

We participate in various activities in the above listed areas and we develop our own initiatives.

Get acquainted with our company’s Code of Ethics and our company policies! This is the best way to understand how we have become one of the most successful spedition and logistics companies in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe and what to expect from your work with us.