Sea freight

Sea freight

We transport your shipments by sea to and from any point of the world. For almost 30 years we have been building up our network of agents in all the major ports, working with reliable partners in the whole world in order to provide you with top quality personalized services.

We offer solutions tailored exactly to your needs and demands. The experts in our team understand what you need and develop an optimal storage, organization and transportation plan for each of your shipments by sea. We are members of the largest spedition and logistics organizations and we provide annual trainings to our staff to increase their qualification.

We guarantee the safety of your freights, we strictly monitor their transportation and we are ready to respond quickly and expediently in the event of possible changes or obstacles that might occur along their routes. For us, the arrival of your shipments on time and in a perfect condition is a question of professionalism, good preparation and proactivity. Our company employs only true professionals.

Services included in sea freight

  • LCL/LCL groupage freights – we offer cost optimization, flexible delivery schedule and selection of the most suitable carrier for your goals, deadlines and budget.
  • FCL/FCL container freights – we provide full care for your large shipments.
  • FCL/LCL or LCL/FCL consolidation/deconsolidation – we handle large and small volumes of freights, helping you to reduce your costs, and we undertake to process and store your shipments in a warehouse.
  • Containerization/decontainerization – we take care of the expeditious loading and unloading of your shipments from one vehicle to another.
  • Door-to-door deliveries to and from any point of the world – we guarantee maximum convenience for you and your customers.
  • Container transportation by land – we combine different types of transport to offer you the optimal delivery solution.
  • Dangerous goods and special equipment – we have the necessary experience, expertise, certificates and partnerships for the transportation of both types of shipments.
  • Freight insurance – we choose the best option to protect your freights.
  • Customs brokerage – we save you time and money, as well as very unpleasant mistakes that might occur when collecting and filling out documents. Our specialized Customs Service Department takes care of your peace of mind.

Leave your shipments in the careful and experienced hands of responsible professionals.

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Sea Freight Manager                               +359 2 970 64 64, +359 899 90 98 44

Sea Freight Operator                               +359 2 970 63 00, +359895 55 99 06

Why should you entrust us with your shipments?

We develop economical, flexible and safe solutions for the transportation of your shipments by sea. We offer you a maximally personalized service and the confidence of knowing when and where your freights are as well as the certainty that they will arrive on time.

Exceptional quality
Exceptional quality

You are served by staff whose qualifications are affirmed and developed every year. Our professionalism and competence are warranted by international certificates.

High level of security
High level of security

ORBIT is the first forwarding and logistics company in Eastern Europe with a safety and security certificate issued by TAPA FSR.

Personal approach
Personal approach

We are prepared for your requirements with our ability to understand what you need, a network of partners all over the world, tracking of every organization and transportation stage.