Warehousing and storage of goods under customs control

Warehousing and storage of goods under customs control

We offer you a licensed temporary customs warehouse, equipped with everything necessary for goods storage and control.

We undertake to process all the documents related to the warehousing, loading and later transportation of your goods. Learn more about ORBIT’s customs brokerage service from our ‘Customs brokerage’ section!

We guarantee you expert, safe, transparent and expeditious assistance under flexible conditions. We know that the way your documents are prepared and your goods are stored and organized is critically important for your business.

What does warehousing and storage of goods under customs control service include?

  • Preparation and submission of documents for storage and the obtaining of a customs-approved treatment or use assignment.
  • Organization of activities such as loading, unloading, consolidation and separation into batches, as well as stock monitoring.

Frequently asked questions about warehousing and storage of goods under customs control

What is customs warehousing?

Possibility for storage of foreign and domestic goods in temporary storage areas, under customs supervision and under special financial and regulatory conditions. This helps you to be more flexible as regards the market.

Does every forwarding and logistics company offer customs warehousing?

No, not every. In order to offer you such a service, the company must have an authorization to operate temporary storage facilities issued by the National Customs Agency. ORBIT has such an authorization, as well as a team of trained specialists to take care of all the customs documents that are required in order to perform the storage, organization and transportation of your shipments.

Can goods under customs control be stored in any warehouse?

No, not in any. Temporary storage facilities must be approved by the customs authorities for temporary storage of goods in advance.

What documents must goods have in order to be subject to customs warehousing?

You have to submit a temporary storage declaration (TSD) for goods that have not been assigned customs-approved treatment or use. You can receive this assignment within 90 days from the date of the TSD submission.  We recommend that you contact our ‘Customs Brokerage’ Department for the completion and submission of the documents. This will save you time and possible fines.

Contact our ‘Warehousing and Storage of Goods under Customs Control’ Department!

e-mail: customs@orbit.bg

Why should you entrust us with the customs warehousing of your shipments?

With our modern licensed warehouse facility for temporary and permanent customs warehousing, type A, additional forwarding services and experts who undertake to prepare and submit all the necessary documents, you can be certain that you will be provided with an excellent comprehensive service under flexible conditions.

Exceptional quality
Exceptional quality

You are served by staff whose qualifications are affirmed and developed every year. Our professionalism and competence are warranted by international certificates.

High level of security
High level of security

ORBIT is the first forwarding and logistics company in Eastern Europe with a TAPA FSR safety and security certificate.

Personal approach
Personal approach

We are fully equipped to meet your requirements with our ability to understand what you need, our network of partners all over the world, and our tracking of every organization and transportation stage.