Works of art packing and transportation

Works of art packing and transportation

How is a work of art transported

We know and comply with the requirements for works of art packing and transportation, while taking care of their security and integrity. We offer packing options according to the type of object (paintings, sculptures, art installations, etc.) and insurance. We advise you on the necessary documents and we organize the most optimal route and transport for them.

We learn from and partner with the best companies in the industry.  ORBIT is a member of the international organization ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters), which brings together knowledgeable experts in the forwarding and logistics of art objects. Our membership is the result of a very careful selection process and allows us to acquire know-how and partner with about 80 of the best works of art shippers in the world.

We deliver your shipment where it should be and on time. We plan and organize each packing and logistics step in advance, predicting the possible complications and surprises. Our highly trained team offers you the most effective solution for your art objects and answers your questions at every stage of the process.


Services included in the ‘Works of art packing and transportation’ process

  • Consultation and packing.We carefully examine the collection that needs to be packed and study the factors that influence the exhibits in it in detail. We offer the best storage option during the works of art transportation process.
  • Assistance in preparing the documentation. Antiques and works of art transportation is impossible without complying with a number of legal requirements and without having all the necessary documents. We shall advise you on how to complete them.
  • We offer freight that is equipped with all the required equipment for works of art transportation. We take into consideration all the details and particulars such as maintaining the right microclimate, minimum shaking of the cargo, maximum speed of delivery, etc.

We have specialized in moving all types of art objects and antiques. Our clients are state museums, galleries and merchants, corporate and private collectors. You can trust us too.

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Why should you entrust us with your shipments?

We have experience and equipment that ensures the security, integrity and timely delivery of your shipments. Our ICEFAT membership gives us the know-how and the support of the best and proven companies specialized in the works of art transportation from all over the world.

Exceptional quality
Exceptional quality

You are served by staff whose qualifications are affirmed and developed every year. Our professionalism and competence are warranted by international certificates.

High level of security
High level of security

ORBIT is the first forwarding and logistics company in Eastern Europe with a TAPA FSR safety and security certificate.

Personal approach
Personal approach

We are fully equipped to meet your and the museums’ requirements with our ability to understand what you need, our network of partners all over the world and our tracking of every organization and transportation stage.