Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage

We take charge of the full customs service procedure concerning your shipments – from the preparation of the documents to the clearance stage. The task of ORBIT Customs Service Department is to be always well-informed of the latest legal requirements and regulations for the import and export of goods and offer you fast and adequate solutions.

We save you fines and penalties which can be imposed in various forms. We know what the specific requirements for each shipment are and we follow them strictly. We do this so that you can feel confident and know that your goods are handled appropriately.

We adapt to the needs of your company by providing full customs service for your goods in order to maximally optimize your time and costs.

Services provided by our Customs Service Department

  • Completion and preparation of the documents required by the legislation.
  • Release of shipments.
  • Drawing up of a direct payment account for all the required duties and fees.
  • Submission of applications for issuance of certificates for various products: wood, steel, textiles, etc., as well as food products.
  • Storage or delivery of goods, in case of need.

Frequently asked questions about customs brokerage

What does a customs agent do?

He is a professional who arranges the necessary documents for your shipment in the various ministries, knows his way around the tariff numbers indicating the customs duties and obligations to the state, and can release your shipment from the Bulgarian customs services according to schedule. ORBIT was licensed as a customs agent by the Ministry of Finance in 1999.

How much does using a customs agent’s assistance cost?

Usually the payment is determined by the value of the imported goods. In some cases, an exact fee is agreed with the customers.

What documents are required?

When importing in Bulgaria, it is necessary to subbmit a packing list and a commercial invoice with the following details: total value of the goods, currency of the purchase and sale, country of origin, origin of the manufacturer, full names and addresses of the consignor and the consignee, date, stamp and signatures.

How are duties and fees paid?

We can pay the National Customs Agency the obligations and fees associated with the shipment on your behalf. Our agents will issue an invoice to your company for all the obligations, fees and payments for processing the shipment.  The payment is to be made within 15 days.

What needs to be done if the cargo is in a Bulgarian post where ORBIT has no office?

We have agents who are available all over Bulgaria. The full information related to the shipment is sent to the main office, so it is possible to clear goods at any customs office in the country.

Is there a difference between a freight forwarder and a freight forwarder providing customs services?

Yes, companies engaged only in freight transport do not deal with documents and the release of shipments at the customs. ORBIT, as a carrier providing customs services, entrusts this task to the specialists of the respective department. This is how we protect our clients from making mistakes that can lead to serious sanctions by the Ministry of Finance.

Can ORBIT Customs Service Department take care of my goods?

Yes, ORBIT’s customs agents are able to provide any transport service you may request: international air and sea freight, and international road freight of entire and groupage shipments anywhere in the world.

You can save yourself a lot of time, costs and stress while our agents process your shipments at the customs in an expedient and reliable way!

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Why should you entrust us with the customs clearance of your shipments?

We approach the work to be done in connection with your documents and the clearance of your shipments in a responsible, informed and expeditious way. We know that part of your business stability depends on how perfect our work is.

Exceptional quality
Exceptional quality

You are served by staff whose qualifications are affirmed and developed every year. Our professionalism and competence are warranted by international certificates.

High level of security
High level of security

ORBIT is the first forwarding and logistics company in Eastern Europe with a TAPA FSR safety and security certificate.

Personal approach
Personal approach

We are fully equipped to meet your requirements with our ability to understand what you need, our network of partners all over the world, and our tracking of every organization and transportation stage.